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Preps underway in Washington for Trump inauguration

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WASHINGTON --  Tonight, organizers are hard at work transforming the National Mall for Friday’s inauguration of the county’s 45th president Donald Trump.

The security is already staggering with fences and concrete barriers lining the mal; and police patrolling the streets.

Officials expect 800,000 people at Friday's ceremony. That is down from the 1.8 million who attended President Obama's first inauguration.

President-elect Trump's win in November was a seismic political realignment. The wealthy businessman with no government experience promising a new direction.

Republicans in Congress like Pete Roskam of Wheaton, say their constituents are hungry for change.

“They have a real interest in seeing things get done,” he said. “They’re tired of this idea that Washington cannot accomplish anything and what my district is telling me is get to work.”

As the chair of the House Tax Policy subcommittee Roskam will work with the Trump administration to revise the tax code.

“The current system is not working for us so what we need to do is come up with a new approach,” he said. “It shouldn’t be so complicated that you’ve either got to hire a tax professional or you’ve got to get some sophisticated software to do your taxes.”

Roskam is welcoming Mr. Trump’s swearing-in but some don’t want any part of Friday's celebration.

More than 60 Democrats say they're skipping the inauguration, citing divisive policies and foreign interference in the election.

Today, Chicago Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky said she will not be there because Trump “ran on fear and bigotry and lies. I have heard from literally thousands of people asking me not to go.”