Chris Bleck tries to explain the Bulls on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO -  Younger and more athletic, huh.

It sure doesn't look like that promise that was made in the summer is every going to come to fruition during the 2016-2017 Bulls season.

Younger players continue to see less playing time and in many instances have struggled on an already roller coaster Bulls team. Gar Forman's charge to revamp the team in the offseason, as it turns it, has only produced the same inconsistency as it did last year with another group of veterans.

Can the Bulls change their ways and play some of the young players, then perhaps squeeze their way into the playoffs? Chris Bleck of ESPN Radio 1000 joined Sports Feed to discuss that on Sunday night with Josh Frydman.

To watch Chris' segments on the show, click on the video above or below.

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