Funeral today for Bloomingdale police officer killed in crash

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WEST CHICAGO, Ill. -- A Bloomingdale police officer who was killed in the line of duty was honored today.

27 year-old Officer Raymond Murrell was killed in a car crash as he responded to a robbery on January 19. The police chief says Murrell's emergency lights were on, and rainy weather may have been a factor.

He had only been on the force for 10 months.

Tony Pagan Jr.'s dad was Murrell's field training officer and said he was a “very good kid.”

“(He was) very fun to be around and had a lot of energy,” Pagan said.  “This for the Bloomingdale Police Department was a huge loss as well as for the blue community.”

Murrell was single and hadn't started his own family yet.

During the funeral service, Murrell's sister spoke about their close relationship and his inseparable bond with her daughter Mia.

As far back as anyone who knew Murrell could remember, he always wanted to be a police officer.

Graduating from Addison Trail High School and then getting his law enforcement degree from West Lake College, Murrell first became a Cook County corrections officer.  In March 2016, his lifelong dream finally came true when he was sworn into the Bloomingdale Police Department.

Known as “Sweet Baby Ray”  by his co-workers, the Bloomingdale Police Chief says Murrell had a kind spirit, a million dollar smile and always looked for the best in people and was a bright star in the department and to his loved ones.

Hundreds of people, including first responders, attended his funeral and visitation.

After the funeral, there was a 20 mile procession to the Oakridge Cemetery in Hillside.

Murrell is the first officer ever to die in the line of duty in the village of Bloomingdale and the first in DuPage County in more than 30 years.