Blackhawks Artemi Panarin & Brian Campbell team up for “Soup and a Sandwich” skits

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CHICAGO – When you have “The Breadman” and a defenseman with the last name Campbell, the combination seemed simple to bring together.

The Chicago Blackhawks decided to do just that on Thursday when they debuted their newest video entitled “Soup and a Sandwich,” a quick one-minute talk segment between forward Artemi Panarin and defenseman Brian Campbell.

The first edition featured the show’s introduction by Campbell and then an assistant trying to get the microphone on Panarin for about 30 seconds before the segment ends. But the Blackhawks gave their fans another taste of what future skits might provide.

Later on Thursday the team posted the second episode in which Campbell tries to convince Panarin to try a saltine cracker. Artemi refuses a number of times before Campbell raises his voice, then his teammate obliges by trying one of the crackers.

On their account, the Blackhawks said they would have the latest edition of the skit up on Wednesday.

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