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High-speed crash leaves 1 dead, 3 critically injured

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CHICAGO -- At least one person is dead after a horrific accident in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood Saturday.

Witnesses say it started with either a drag race or a chase, and ended in a violent crash.

"My friend was driving and we were coming down Ashland and we turned right in Hubbard, the guy in the jeep was coming down Hubbard – it looked like 60 miles per hour," said witness Danielle Johanson.

Witnesses said the jeep was speeding while being chased by another vehicle west on Hubbard St., and when they came to the intersection of Ashland Ave., they didn’t stop.

"This guy was coming down Hubbard here very fast and blew the stop sign," said witness Johnny Logalbo, who saw the accident from a gas station about a half block away. “I heard like an explosion, and I looked and there was smoke everywhere, and I came right over and it looked like destruction."

The jeep plowed into a black Toyota, which witnesses say was going south on Ashland Ave. That person was not involved in the apparent chase, but authorities confirm the driver was killed, and three other people were taken to Stroger Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police are still investigating, but haven't had no word on the conditions of the other people injured as of 5 p.m. Saturday.