Day after joining Illinois governor’s race, Chris Kennedy calls Bruce Rauner heartless

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CHICAGO -- One day after he announced his run for Illinois governor, businessman Chris Kennedy is calling current Gov. Bruce Rauner heartless.

Kennedy was interviewed on WGN Morning News Thursday, and anchor Robin Baumgarten asked him,"What do you say to people who say, here's another wealthy guy who's just going to throw money at the office. How much different will it be than what Bruce Rauner is doing?"

Kennedy responded: "I think it's important that people of drive and ambition and intelligence like Gov. Rauner does, but I think you also have to have a heart and a sensitivity, and I don't think there's any demonstration that he has a heart."

Baumgarten followed up by saying, "That seems harsh, you're calling him heartless."

"Well I think he is. He's thrown a million people of out government programs. He sat on the sidelines while 75 percent of these kids are doomed to a life of economic oppression," Kennedy said.

During the five minute interview, Kennedy also denied that he was pawn of Mike Madigan. Illinois Republican Party spokesman Steven Yaffe had said: "Mike Madigan has already endorsed Chris Kennedy's run because he knows that Kennedy will never stand up to him."

"It's an insult to me, it's an insult to the Kennedy family, but more important, it's an insult to voters in Illinois. No one believes that," Kennedy said.

You can watch the full interview in the player above.