Hundreds rally against immigration policies

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CHICAGO -- Amid reports of undocumented immigrants being rounded up in federal raids and the president’s threat to issue a new executive order limiting travel, protests against those policies continued in Chicago Saturday.

From downtown to Rogers Park, hundreds rallied across the city and at two vocal pro-immigrant demonstrations. Nearly 100 protesters gathered outside of Trump Tower in downtown Chicago Saturday afternoon to once again voice their displeasure with the policies of the new Republican administration. Local officials including former IL Gov. Pat Quinn joined the protests.

“Our federal court stood up for 'We the People,' it’s very important that that message be sent to Trump, that we aren’t going to have bans and walls and things that harm our country and the democracy we treasure," Quinn said.

“Cook County will remain an equal, welcoming county,” said Cook County commissioner Chuy Garcia.

The president's controversial travel ban was rejected by a federal appeals court, but immigrants still say they’re uneasy as federal authorities rounded up hundreds of undocumented immigrants in raids across a half-dozen cities and states this week, including Chicago.

Javier Salas brought his children along to the rally, saying he protested because he is an immigrant too.

“We’ve been called rapists, we’ve been called drug dealers, when the only thing we are is hard working people, like everybody else who immigrates to this county," Salas said.

Across town, in the diverse West Rogers Park neighborhood protesters gathered on Devon Ave., with Mexicans joining Muslims to oppose the immigration policies.

Demonstrator Izabella Banka said it was her first time ever participating in a political protest because as a Muslim citizen she feels under attack in her own country. Her husband is also in Chicago teaching on a student visa, and she’s upset the president is threatening to sign a new executive limiting immigration next week.

“I don’t even see myself living in the United States in the future because that would mean I would have to be separated from him," Banka said. "I am so scared about him not being able to live here.”

President Trump is considering signing a new executive order on immigration specifically focused on extreme vetting.

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