Eli Hershkovich discusses another Bulls’ blowout loss & more on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - Worst-case scenarios crossed paths for Fred Hoiberg in a number of ways on Sunday.

First off, he had to play a game without Jimmy Butler or Dwyane Wade for the second time in three games. On top of that, he had to do it against the guy whose job he took back in the summer of 2015: Tom Thibodeau.

As you can imagine, it made for another tough day for the Bulls.

The Timberwolves crushed the short-handed team by 28 points - handing the Bulls their second-worst loss of the season. Oddly enough, their worst loss came last week when they faced the Warriors without their big two and lost by 31.

Where in the world can this Bulls team go from here as the All-Star break and trade deadline approach? Eli Hershkovich of 670 The Score returned to Sports Feed on Sunday to discuss that and the start of Cubs' Spring Training with Josh Frydman.

To watch Eli's segments on Sunday's show, click on the video above or below.