#FeedonThis: Sports Feed gets into the Valentine’s Day spirit

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CHICAGO - There is one thing you can say about Sports Feed - we love when we have a show on Valentine's Day.

It gives Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman a chance to show off their creative side to pay tribute to the holiday that comes every year in the middle of February.

That's what Tuesday's show has a number of segments dedicated to Valentine's Day, including the seventh and final one.

Jarrett and Josh tells us who they're crushing on in the world of sports, who they'd like to break up with along with penning their own letters to one figure in particular.

That segment is part of the #FeedonThis from Tuesday's show and you can watch that in the video above.

As you can imagine, Social Fodder was full of tributes from local sports teams to the holiday.

Not only did Josh and Jarrett feature tweets but also a unique video featuring the "Luvabulls."

See them all in the video above.