Mayor Emanuel criticizes Gov. Rauner over lack of a state budget

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CHICAGO -- Welcoming new recruits at the CPD Training Academy, Mayor Rahm Emanuel referenced the gun violence that has claimed the lives of three Chicago children this past week.

"Those kids had their lives stolen from them," Emanuel said.

Emanuel said investing in more police officers is only part of the solution, as after school and youth job programs are equally important.

Following on the heels of the governor's address in Springfield earlier this week, Emanuel went off on Rauner's budget - or lack thereof.

"You are asking me to comment on something that doesn't exist. The TelePrompTer didn't have a problem. It got to the budget section and it wasn't there," Emanuel said.

The mayor went on to say he's at a loss to figure out Rauner's strategy.

"He has repeatedly put the state on cruise control in neutral speed. We are losing kids. People are leaving the state. Domestic violence shelters are closing, and the governor has yet to produce a budget," Emanuel said.

The governor has repeatedly rebuffed criticism that he hasn't produced balanced budgets yet, touting the ability to make cuts and other reforms.

A spokesperson from the governor's office responded to Emanuel's comments Thursday, saying:
"The mayor should spend a little less time attacking the governor and a little more time attacking the rampant crime problem in his city."

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