Bugs on a train: Video shows bag of bugs on CTA’s Red Line

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CHICAGO -- There’s something ‘bugging’ passengers after a woman brought a bag filled with bugs onto the CTA’s Red Line -- and it was all captured on camera.

That video taken on a Red Line rail car at the Garfield Stop shows an open bag with several bugs squirming around.

Even for some long-time passengers, it’s a first.

Chicagoan Jordan Brown said she's seen "a whole bunch of stuff on the Red Line," but "never a bag of bugs."

But that’s exactly what Michael Moore saw last Friday afternoon when he stepped into a train car at the Garfield stop headed north toward downtown. Inside a bag of clothes, a bunch of bugs were creeping and crawling. He recorded a video of the sight and posted it to YouTube, and also reported it to the CTA.

“The railcar was immediately pulled out of service, and treated," said CTA spokeswoman Irene Ferradaz. "This is something that CTA does take very, very seriously.”

Ferradaz said the right thing to do when encountering anything like this is to report it to the conductor immediately. She said buses and train cars are cleaned before they go out on the rails, and once again when they come in after the trip.

The rail car with the bag of bugs was decontaminated before returning to service.

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