Computer issues make mess of morning commute at Union Station

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CHICAGO -- Amtrak computers are back online at Chicago's Union Station after an earlier signaling problem.

According to Metra, there are "extensive" delays and trains are slowing entering and exiting Union Station.

Metra tweeted an update Friday morning, "There are 42 trains waiting to get into/out of Union Station. Delays are extensive and trains are slowly starting to enter/exit the station."

Just after 6:30 a.m. Friday, no trains were entering or departing from Union Station for an extended period of time due to Amtrak computer signaling problems.

Metra tweeted an alert, saying: "Amtrak Chicago Union Station experiencing computer signaling problems - trains stopped entering and departing station."

Amtrak says residual delays should be ironed out, and they expect no problems for the afternoon rush.

The cause of the power outage is under investigation.

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