From The Tower: The 2017 Sports Feed “Oscars”

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CHICAGO - The film industry's biggest night wasn't going to get past us on Sports Feed on Sunday.

As the Oscars were awarding the best in film, Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman were awarding the best in Chicago Sports at the same time.

Both anchors gave out "Sports Feed Oscars" on the show on CLTV, choosing athletes and teams from the Windy City in a number of categories.

That segment is part of "From The Tower" on Sunday's show and you can watch it in the video above.

Cristiano Felicio does a lot of great things for the Bulls off the bench. But he made a bit of a mistake on Sunday evening.

It wasn't even for lack of effort, it was for too much.

The young center took away a rebound from Dwyane Wade on the final play of the Bulls' win at Cleveland Saturday night. Had Wade picked up that rebound he would have had a triple double but instead it went to Felicio.

That along with the team's moves at the trade deadline were part of the discussion on the Bulls and you can watch that in the video above.

Is the dream slipping a bit from Chris Collins and his Wildcats?

Perhaps but it's still probably OK.

Northwestern remained stuck on 20 wins after a last-second loss to struggling Indiana on the road on Saturday. It's their second-straight loss to a bottom-of-the-conference Big Ten team that suddenly has the seemingly NCAA Tournament-bound Wildcats creeping closer to the bubble.

Can they collect themselves to earn that first ever bid to the Big Dance? Jarrett and Josh discuss in the video above.