Epic costume-clad shopping cart race returns to help feed the hungry

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CHICAGO -- It was fast, it was furious, and it was cold. The 12th annual CHIditarod didn't disappoint with its carts, its costumes and pageantry.

The CHIditarod is easily one of Chicago's most colorful and outrageous charity food drives.

Mirrored after Alaska's famous Iditarod, this competition features 100 teams collecting and turning in as much food as possible in a bid to out-dress, out decorate, and out race each other through the streets of West Town.

Racers take pride in filling their carts high with donations in trying to collect thousands of pounds of food for the Greater Chicago Food depository. Racers competed for prizes for the best time in the race, the most food raised, and of course the best dressed -- and most creative cart.

Whether it was the Soul train, the CHIditarod fire crew, or Octopi Wall Street, the undeniable creativity and self-expression brought all of these participants together for a great cause.