GOP congressman takes more heat for town hall stance

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CHICAGO --  An Illinois Republican continues to face criticism for not holding in-person town halls in his congressional district.

U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam told a City Club of Chicago gathering Monday that town halls are unproductive. He said participants at one town hall he's held "came angry and left angrier." But several attendees at the paid event clapped when Roskam was pressed by a questioner about why he now avoids them.

Several dozen protesters outside were more explicit.

One walked up to Roskam's car as he left the event, yelling the congressman was "a spineless coward." Roskam didn't speak to protesters or reporters.

He said in his luncheon speech there's "a false narrative" he doesn't engage voters. He said he has held hundreds of events in his district, including 11 tele-town halls.