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Quick thinking customers, officers save heart attack victim at suburban restaurant

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SKOKIE, Ill. –  Quick thinking customers and police officers are being credited with helping to save a man’s life as he dined in a suburban restaurant last month.

Michael and Vivian Aronson were at Shallot’s in Skokie last month.

“The food was just about to be delivered, and I was about to say something and everything went black,” Michael said.

71-year-old Michael passed out.  The couple happened to be out with their friend Karen Vogel who is a medical doctor.

She quickly began performing CPR.

911 was also called.

“Then people started lining up and offering to assist Karen in the CPR,” Vivian said.

When the Skokie police arrived, they took over.

Someone ran to the Anytime Fitness next door and broke in to get a defibrillator.

By this time there were nine Skokie police officers at the scene.

“One of the policemen said give me the defibrillator and shocked Michael twice and brought him around,” Vivian said. “Because he was for all practical purposes dead.')

Michael later woke up at the hospital.

Doctors said he had suffered a heart attack.

Vivian says, “The most important thing we want to see people being trained in CPR, in the use of a defibrillator. I saw on a personal note how this can save a life and as it says in scriptures, ‘If you save a life, it`s as if you save the world.'”


Michael says he feels lucky, like he`s been given a second chance.  He says he wants to go visit the officers who helped save his life - once he feels a little better.