#FeedonThis: Josh pulls off the “Get Out” challenge in Social Fodder

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CHICAGO - We've had the "Running Man" challenge then the "Mannequin" challenge on Social Fodder over the past year.

On Wednesday, we had our first "Get Out" challenge on the show.

That concerns a scene in the new move "Get Out" where one of the characters sprints towards the camera then veers off to his right at the last-minute.

Warriors guard Stephen Curry pulled off on Tuesday night and that was featured on Wednesday's Sports Feed. Inspired by that video, Josh Frydman went ahead and did the challenge himself after it aired.

That's part of #FeedonThis from Wednesday's show with Josh and Jarrett Payton and you can watch that in the video above.

It was a meeting at the end of one season that helped to save another for one of the Big Ten's best players.

Northwestern guard Scottie Lindsey had a straight-forward discussion with Chris Collins about his future with the team in March of 2016 in which the coach asked for harder work and more consistency from the guard.

That pep talk must have worked as Lindsey was one of the comeback players of the year in the conference and was a selection to the conference's third team in 2017.

Josh and Jarrett discuss the turnaround in the video above.

One month from Wednesday, the Blackhawks' regular season will come to an end.

But until then, Joel Quenneville's team is going to be pretty busy.

Jarrett and Josh discussed the stretch run for the team in the video above.

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