Homecoming for Kris Bryant: Cubs third baseman visits his Las Vegas high school

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CINCINNATI, OH - JUNE 27: Kris Bryant #17 of the Chicago Cubs watches as he hits his third home run of the game against the Cincinnati Reds in the eighth inning at Great American Ball Park on June 27, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cubs defeated the Reds 11-8. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS – When you are on top of the world in your profession, seeing where it all started is extra special.

Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant had the chance to do so this offseason in his hometown of Las Vegas.

In a video posted by Red Bull on Wednesday that was shot in February, Bryant made his way back to Bonanza High School for a quick look back at his teenage years.

Returning to the school along with wife Jessica, who also graduated from Bonanza, Bryant toured his old baseball field, weight room and saw his picture in on the “Wall of Fame.”

“Pretty cool to see your face on a door right when you walk up. The wall of fame was something that we walked by every day in school and you look up there and think, that would be pretty cool to be up there one day,” said Bryant in to Red Bull in his visit to his high school. “Now the students here walk by and see my face up there. My wife is up on the student council side of the wall of fame. She was student body president, three sports, she did it all.”

So has Bryant on the biggest stage that sports has to offer since leaving the one he visited in February.