The man behind Peanut Tillman’s haircut? Anthony Adams

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CHICAGO – During his time in Chicago, he had a few characteristics that made him standout with the Bears.

There was the “Peanut Punch” that helped him to force 44 turnovers during his 13 year career. Along with his solid play, Charles Tillman was also an active member in the Chicago community in a number of different activities.

Another thing they remember were his trademark dreadlocks. Now those are a thing of the past.

On Monday, Tillman posted a picture of his holding his dreadlocks after they were cut off. It was a surprise to many of his fans who wondered whether he decided to cut them off on his own have have someone do it for him.

Anthony Adams answered that question on Wednesday.

The former Bears defensive tackle posted this three-minute, 16 second video on his YouTube account which shows him cutting off Tillman’s hair.

It’s a spoof of the barbershop scene from the movie “Coming to America,” where Adams and Tillman play multiple characters in the scene. Eventually it’s Adams who cuts off Tillman’s dreadlocks.

Tillman retired from the NFL just before the 2017 season after spending 12 seasons with the Bears and one with the Carolina Panthers. Adams was with the Bears from 2007-2011 before retiring and now is part of the “Inside the Bears” show produced by the team.

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