Adorable baby reindeer born at Brookfield Zoo

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BROOKFIELD, Ill. -- Easter is just days away and one Bunny has a lot to celebrate.

A reindeer at Brookfield Zoo named Bunny, gave birth to a male fawn on Wednesday.

 The last reindeer born at the zoo was in 1980.

Bunny and the baby's father, Karl, arrived at Brookfield in 2015 and 2016 and can be found in the Hamill Family Wild Encounters exhibit, that opened in 2015.

Their fawn weighs about 7 pounds but will quickly grow into a big and strong reindeer. He was already up and walking within an hour of his birth! Not surprising however, since even a day-old fawn can outrun a human.


The fawn doesn't have a name yet and he also doesn't have antlers. Little antler buds will begin to develop after he's a few months older. In about two or three months he'll also begin to shed his dark fur as a lighter color fur grows in.

Visitors can see the fawn and his parents, along with the rest of the reindeer herd, at their outdoor habitat.



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