18-year-old charged in murder of Chicago police officer’s son

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police have charged a teenager in the shooting death of an officer’s son.

18-year-old Anthony Moore is charged with first-degree murder.

In 2016, 19-year-old Arshell Dennis III was shot to death while sitting outside his mother’s home on the South Side.

Arshell was home from college visiting his mom. His dad is a Chicago police officer and at the time of the shooting, police vowed to find his killer. Now, nine months later, they say justice is coming.

Arshell, who was known as Trey, was a journalism student at St. John ’s College in New York. In August 2016, he came home from school for a few days to visit his sick mother.

Police say he was sitting on his front porch at 7900 South Sawyer Ave with two other friends when a group of men pulled up in stolen cars and started shooting. They thought they were firing at rival gang members.

They were wrong.

His friends survived. Dennis did not.

Police have now charged 18-year-old Anthony Moore with first degree murder and attempted murder.

He was a juvenile last summer but is now charged as an adult.

Police say the stolen car he was driving the night of the crime led them to the evidence they needed.

Moore Has been arrested six times in the last three months. He will be in bond court tomorrow.

More arrests are possible in this case.

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