From Tae Bo to CrossFit, fitness fanatics flock to Fit Expo

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ROSEMONT -- Tae Bo, a combination of Tae Kwon Do and boxing, took off in 1999 and made its way into VHS players across the country as enthusiasts tried to jump and kick their way to a better body.

And the man with the moves, Billy Blanks, is still at it 18 years later.

"If you want to have a good fitness program my thing is you have to make it a lifestyle," Blanks said at The Fit Expo in Rosemont on Saturday. "You make it a lifestyle it will be a good fitness program, but if you make it a trend - which most workouts become a trend - then in six months they're gone."

Billy joined dozens of fitness professionals in Rosemont Saturday, a one stop shop for swag, supplements and sweat. Fitness fans from across the country come to the event to work out with their exercise idols in person.

WGN's Maggie Carlo visited the Expo to learn some of Billy Blanks' latest moves, and find out what fitness fans are doing to keep in shape.