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Police search for man caught on tape punching female security guard

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CHICAGO -- The search continues Monday for a man caught on tape punching a female security guard in the River North neighborhood early Sunday morning.

The Chicago Police Department has made finding him a high priority, according to Ald. Brendan Reilly, who said police told him they are tracking down a number of leads and are optimistic they will find the man. Unfortunately, he says the area sees a lot of drunken incidents now that there are more residential buildings are being built in what used to be a mostly a commercial area.

Reilly lives just steps away from the residential building on Franklin and Ontario where around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, security cameras recorded a man punching a female security guard who by most accounts had been trying to help him after he vomited.

"To be repaid with a bottle thrown at her head and then a punch to the face is sickening," Reilly said.

The shocking incident left security guard Zoa Stigler with a broken nose that may require surgery.

The stretch of Franklin where the incident occurs has a lot of late-hour bars, Reilly said, so he’s asking owners to preserve all video from inside those bars to help in the investigation.

"Certainly we want want to track down where this man became so intoxicated because with late hours bars the going concern is that people come in already drunk and they are pour gasoline on that fire," Reilly said.

Reilly says there have been a number of incidents in the area of late-night revelers using building lobbies for toilets and such. He says he’s become increasingly concerned about public safety.

Reilly says he will be meeting with the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing, as well as the police department and law department, to map out a strategy to get drunken behavior under control. In the meantime, he wants more police resources dedicated to the area where these late night bars operate.