Cab driver saves child after carjacking

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CHICAGO, Ill --   A Chicago taxi driver chased down a carjacked vehicle with a sleeping baby inside Wednesday night in the Old Town neighborhood. Police are still looking for the suspect Thursday but the baby is safe and sound.

It was a frightening few minutes for the child's parents who were loading a stroller into the back of their car, when someone stole it, pulled away with the trunk still open and the baby inside.

Police say it happened just before 9:30 pm.

Just as the crime was happening a cab driver was passing by, and saw the whole thing unfold.

The suspect sped away with the car's trunk still open, the panicked parents reportedly running after the car and screaming for help.  The cabbie followed the car, which blew through two traffic lights.  Then he reportedly pulled over to call the police.

When he was driving around ten minutes later, he spotted the stolen care on the near north side.  Police arrived a short time later, finding the car, with the baby asleep in the back seat.

The child was returned to the parents, who thanked the cabbie for his help.  The cab driver told the Chicago Tribune that was his "good deed of the day."

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