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Diamond-encrusted clock worth $425,000 stolen from antiques show

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CHICAGO -- A "mystery clock" worth $425,000 was reportedly stolen by a trio of crooks during the Chicago Antique, Art and Design show at the Merchandise Mart Sunday afternoon.

A promotional video from the New Orleans based antique dealer M.S. Rau says the clock was made by Asprey and Company in London, possibly for the sultan of Brunei. Standing just 8" tall and 5.5" wide, the clock is made from 18 karat white gold, diamonds, mother of pearl and crystal.

It was snatched from an exhibitor's booth during the show by a woman as her two accomplices distracted the dealer.

A statement from the dealer simply says:

"Though there was security throughout the Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show, the thieves were able to steal an incredibly rare Asprey & Co. mystery clock. Our security footage is being reviewed by the police, and we're confident that the criminals will be quickly apprehended and this wonderful timepiece returned."