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Butcher fights off carjackers with pocket knife; 3 teens arrested

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CHICAGO -- Three teens are under arrest after trying to carjack an elderly man on the Southwest Side Tuesday night.

70-year-old Raul Sanchez was sitting in his car with the window down just before midnight in the 2900 block of West 59th street.

The three teenagers walked up to his car, punched him in the face and pulled him out of the car.

One teen was armed with a gun.

Sanchez fought with one of the suspects and then stabbed him in the back with a pocket knife.

The teens ran off with his keys.

Police found them at Holy Cross Hospital trying to get help for the injured teen.

Sanchez is among Chicagoans who are part of a growing number of car jack victims.

Earlier this week, a man was approached by suspects while sitting in his car near Marshfield and Wabansia.

It was Tuesday around 5 p.m. and “Mike” was sitting in his car waiting to pick up bus daughter from Girl Scouts.  He was approached by two men wearing surgical masks and purple gloves.

“At first I thought they were sick but they just stormed up to my passenger window and tapped a large barrel gun on my window,” Mike said. “They told me to get out but I had my car on. I threw it in reverse and they ran.”

Mike and his daughter escaped unharmed.