Deadline looming, Rauner pushes hard for property tax help

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It’s the bottom of the 9th in Springfield. Lawmakers have until Wednesday at Midnight to wrap up business this session. They’re working on a budget and non-budget items such as a property tax freeze. But major differences remain.

With the Democratic campaign of JB Pritzker looking on, Governor Rauner visited Orland Park to push his property tax agenda.

“ We have working families across the state of Illinois, especially here in metropolitan Chicago, who are being crushed by the property taxes in America,” Rauner said.

The governor wants local taxpayers to decide by voter referendum whether their property taxes go up or down.

Rauner says before he signs off on new income and sales taxes, Springfield must provide property owners with tax relief.

Last week, Senate Democrats tried to pass a two-year property tax freeze but Republicans did not back the measure.

As the clock winds down on spring session, all eyes are on the House.

House Democrats say Governor Rauner is refusing to meet with their negotiators.

In a letter to the Chicago Civic Committee Madigan wrote this:

“Last week, I assigned four members of the House Democratic leadership team to meet with Governor Rauner and discuss his off-budget agenda items. Unfortunately, to date, the Governor has chosen not to meet with these members.”

Rauner says it’s the speaker who won’t sit down.

As the leaders blame one another, local governments across Illinois continue to wait and worry.

“My view is the governor should be in Springfield doing the hard job of not only getting a budget, which has never happened in nearly 700 days under his watch, and a funding for education,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

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