Disabled man shot and killed while playing basketball near his home

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CHICAGO -- A disabled man was shot in the head and killed Monday as he played basketball in a park near his Washington Heights home that his family says he went to every day.

Witnesses say there was a group of people in the park near 98th and Wallace on the South Side when gunfire rang out, but 20-year-old Jervon Morris was the only person shot.

His family and police do not believe he was targeted, but rather that whoever fired those shots was aiming at someone else when Morris was caught in the crossfire.

Edna Young and her husband Daryl raised Jervon since he was a baby.

"My heart is totally broken, I can't believe Jervon is gone," Edna said.

The Youngs left the house to go to a family get-together and were gone for about an hour when they got a phone call that their legally blind and developmentally disabled nephew was shot in the park down the street from their home.

"When I saw him just now he's on the outside of the park facing this way; he was down facing toward the house like he was trying to run home and got shot right there in the gateway of the park," Edna said.

Jervon Morris was a high school graduate, and loved working with children. His neighbor Joe Watkins said Morris volunteered with a local summer camp and went to the park "every single day - even in the winter."

"He was a loving young man. His disabilities did not deprive him of being a good person. Someone that does not talk back to you or nothing you could tell him something he'll do it," Daryl Young said.

Police searched the basketball court for bullet shells and clues. So far, no one is in custody.

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