Jon Lester has another achievement: Picking off a runner at first base

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CHICAGO – At this point, there is very little in baseball that he hasn’t done. So finding a new achievement for Jon Lester can be difficult.

Saturday brought one of those times – and the accomplishment was so, so simple.

Known for his troubles throwing to first, and even documented last year during the World Series, Lester caught  the Cardinals, the Cubs and the sellout crowd at Wrigley Field in the 5th inning when he picked off Tommy Pham off first base.

The pitcher saw the runner’s big lead off first base and threw it quickly to Anthony Rizzo. Caught off guard by the throw, Pham had little chance to get back as Rizzo applied the tag for the inning-ending out.

That was a memorable part of the Cubs’ 5-3 comeback win over the Cardinals in which Lester took a no decision after allowing three runs in six innings while striking out four batters. Still the pitcher wasn’t talking too much about this achievement for himself after the game, giving only a pair of short answers on the throw.

But at least now opponents have to know that Jon indeed can throw to first.