6 vehicles destroyed after man’s car catches fire in Loop parking garage

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CHICAGO -- Black smoke billowed throughout the Loop Saturday afternoon after a car caught fire in a 15-story parking garage near Wabash and Adams, destroying six vehicles and damaging six more. No injuries were reported.

It didn't take long for firefighters to put the fire out, but there were explosions and a lot of black smoke. It all started when Brian Foster noticed his car acting a little funny around 1 p.m.

"I'm getting into the garage and my car starts shaking real bad," said Brian Foster.

Foster got to the 7th floor of the garage, and then got out to see what was happening. He said he hasn't recently got any work done on his car, and he's had it for about 4 years. So he couldn't explain what happened next.

"I open the hood up, fire immediately came out the hood, it blew me out the way," Foster said.

Foster says he ran warning people of the fire while he and several others in the garage dialed 911.

Chicago firefighters helped five people get out of the garage. Then people heard a couple of booms. Firefighters had to shut down several streets near Wabash and Adams, making traffic a mess throughout the Loop.

Firefighters on the scene called for additional manpower as temperatures in Chicago reached the high 80's. After the fire was put out at least 12 cars had been damaged, including six that were destroyed. As for Foster, he's got to be happy he pulled over when he did and that no one got hurt.

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