From the courtroom to the ballroom, artist now paints joyful keepsakes for couples

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He is one of Chicago’s most well-known court sketch artists, but now he's turning his paint brushes in a totally different direction.

Lothar Speer is just one of a handful of artists who paint weddings as they happen and capture the day's emotion forever on canvas.

"I love being called upon to document the truth, the essence, the feeling of a moment in time," Speer said.  “It’s moments of sheer unadulterated pure joy."

Until recently, Speer was known for capturing some of the most harrowing moments in people's lives as a prominent court room sketch artist. He spent decades inside courtrooms for cases of “the greatest sorrow,” he said.

Which is why Speer packed up his pastels and paintbrushes from the courtroom and headed to the chapel.

His years of experience of working under pressure are a perfect fit when trying to paint a wedding ceremony live.

His pieces range from as small as 9 x 13 inches to a wedding canvas over five feet tall. He said even the music is reflected in the portrait and influenced the pacing of each stroke.

For this artist, there was always passion behind every picture he created, but now, there's also joy, knowing his work will be framed and cherished.


More information at his Facebook page, Brush and Heart