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Police seek suspects in several violent robberies in Hammond

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HAMMOND, Ind. – Police are searching for the suspects behind a series of armed robberies in Hammond, Indiana.  Among them, was a violent assault at the Horseshoe Casino that was captured on surveillance video.

Police say at about 6:20 a.m., in the 5500 block of Alice Avenue, four black men holding baseball bats approached a 67-year-old Hispanic man who was sitting in his 1999 grey Toyota Camry.

The victim says the suspects pulled him from the vehicle and stole it.  They also took his wallet and cell phone.

After the suspects fled in the stolen Camry, police say they went to Calumet City, where they robbed a woman making a deposit at a Bank of America ATM.

The ATM camera shows the driver in a red t-shirt and the other man wearing a blue shirt with white lettering.

Police believe the suspects then drove to the Horseshoe Casino where they found another man sitting in his car in the casino parking garage.

Security footage shows one man in a hoodie holding a bat and wearing blue latex gloves.

The suspects pull the victim from the car and beat him.  They later go through his pockets.

The victim says one of the men threatened to shoot him and showed a black semi-automatic weapon in his waistband.

The suspects took off in his 2014 Black Hyundai Sonata and then attempted to use stolen credit cards from one of the crimes at the Wal-Mart on 5th Avenue in Hammond just after the casino robbery.

Police believe up to five suspects were involved in these crimes today.

The stolen vehicles are

  •  1999 grey Toyota Camry, Illinois license plate ZX20185.
  • 2014 black Hyundai Sonata, Illinois license plate ZY44585

Anyone with any information is asked to call police.