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Severe storms cause power outages, flood roads in Crystal Lake

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CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. -- It has been a very long couple of weeks for people who live in areas hit by severe storms.

In Crystal Lake, it started raining heavily around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. At least a few trees were down and neighbors said it just came out of nowhere.

The Fox River River at the Algonquin Tailwater is expected to drop to 12.5 feet by Sunday night according to the National Weather Service. But it will likely remain in flood stage throughout the week.

About 500 volunteers came out to fill sandbags and help their neighbors this weekend.

On Saturday, the Fox River crested at just over 13 feet and is now slowly receding.

The Round Lake Resource Center helped more than 1,000 families over the weekend.

As people clean out and assess the damage, the Red Cross is trying to determine if another resource center is needed and if so, where to put it.

In Crystal Lake, a severe storm knocked down trees and killed power in multiple neighborhoods. Many roads in were completely flooded out.