Madigan’s Plan to Embarrass Rauner Revealed

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CHICAGO — Next Wednesday is Governor’s Day at the Illinois State Fair.

If Governor Bruce Rauner continues tradition, he’ll arrive at the fairgrounds on his Harley-Davidson.

While the photo op takes places, across town in Springfield, the House of Representatives will convene at 11 a.m.

It’s the perfect moment for great political theater.

According to Democratic and Republican sources House Speaker Michael Madigan has come up with a plan to embarrass his nemesis.

Madigan will call a bill with Governor Rauner’s exact SB1 amendatory veto language.

Concerned lawmakers passed a Chicago Public Schools bailout, Rauner rewrote the school funding measure. With 67 Democrats in the House, the Rauner amendatory veto language is certain to fail.

That’s the slap in the face. Rauner’s school funding changes will be shot down as he and other Republicans celebrate with animals and food on sticks.

There’s more.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say right now Democrats do not have enough votes to override the amendatory veto in the House. Assuming every Democratic is a yes, they need to find 4 votes — and they’re not there yet.

If the numbers hold, and Madigan can’t override next Wednesday, he plans to dismiss the House.  Sources say he will summon lawmakers back the following Wednesday.  The pressure will continue to build as schools go another week without their state cash. The first checks were supposed to go out on August 10.

Madigan’s plan assumes that on Sunday the Senate will in fact override the governor. In that chamber, Democrats have enough votes to go it alone without GOP defectors.

The Senate will be done. Then, Speaker Madigan will have the football, and he plans to hold it.

Madigan’s spokesman Steve Brown would not tip his bosses’ hand, but told WGN News the House is not worried about Republican Day at the fair.

“We are focused on trying to build the votes to override the veto. We want SB1 as it passed the General Assembly,” said Brown.