Indeed, Jon Lester met with the Cubs fan that caught his first home run ball

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CHICAGO –  If you were hoping for a little more enthusiasm after a career achievement, Jon Lester left you a bit disappointing.

He wasn’t exactly the most excited man in the world when he hit his first home run of his 12-year career against the Diamondbacks on Wrigley Field.

During his postgame news conference, he tried to downplay the significance of the blast that was part of a Cubs victory over Arizona that night. When he was told someone had brought him the ball, he seemed less than enthused.

“I think I’ve got to do that shenanigan right now,” said Lester when told that the person who caught his home run ball was waiting to give it to him. “I’m one helluva people person, I’ve got to go out there and shake hands and take pictures. Should be interesting.”


Not much was said after that from Lester about the meeting, but the Cubs had some evidence that it went well on their Twitter account on Monday.

That’s when the team tweeted out video of the two fans who caught the home run ball.

While they weren’t named, the kids did show the baseball that was signed by Lester that credited them for catching that first home run. Whether that was the ball the pitcher hit or not wasn’t specified.

In the video there was also a picture of Lester shaking hands with the fan, proving the Cubs’ pitcher can be a people person after all.

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