Governor’s Day, school funding at center stage in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- There is a lot of action in Springfield today; at the Capitol, more bickering about school funding while across town at the state fair, Republicans threw a party.

It’s Governor Day at the Illinois State Fair and Governor Bruce Rauner is rallying the troops ahead of next year’s election.

“This is an exciting election. We're going to win on to victory in 2018. Let's restore Democracy in the State of Illinois,” said Rauner.

The party faithful are focused on Illinois and next year's governor race, but nobody could ignore the controversy surrounding President Trump.

Governor Rauner usually dances around questions about the president. Today, he had a crystal-clear criticism of the President Trump's response to the violence in Virginia.

“I vehemently disagree with the president's comments about the tragedy in Charolletsville. We have to stand unified against racism, bigotry, hatred, violence in all its forms. And we all need to condemn the racists, the white supremacists, the Nazi groups for their actions,” said Rauner.

Polls show Rauner is unpopular among Illinoisans, but many in the GOP base are gearing up for a reelection fight.

“He's doing a fantastic job. But his hands are tied because of the opposition in the House and the Senate,” said Bill Dragoo, a Rauner supporter.

Speaker Madigan was trying to rain on the Republicans' party. Across town at the Capitol, he called the House back to take up school funding.

To build pressure on Republicans, Democrats held another committee hearing where school superintendents expressed support for SB1.

Republican Representative Jeanne Ives voiced frustration with the hearing and she tangled with a downstate educator.

“Chairman Davis, This entire bill was written by the 3 lobbyists sitting behind these folks. And I want the superintendents to answer these questions,” said Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton).

“I came in here and I was going to thank you for your service to government and I really mean it... you're embarrassing yourself,” said Rolf Sivertsen, Canton Union School District 66, superintendent.

The House did not take up an override of Rauner's veto. They're coming back next Wednesday. The body shot down Rauner's veto language.

In other news, there was bipartisan support on something -- a resolution condemning hate by white supremacists. Every member stood and signed on as a co-sponsor.