Flights cancelled, delayed due to Hurricane Harvey

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CHICAGO -- It was a morning of cancellations and delays for those traveling to and from southeast Texas due to Hurricane Harvey.

The major airlines like United, American and Southwest are citing 10 different airports that are affected in major cities like Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christie and even parts of Louisiana.

But there were those who managed to get out of dodge.

“They were telling some people to leave. Telling them to be ready to leave. Be ready to evacuate. It was kind of scary,” Soraya Hovell, who was returning from San Antonio, said.

Hovell managed to get on an early morning flight out of San Antonio, after spending two weeks there, visiting her mother.

“I was just trying to get ahead of the storm. If I can get on the flight and get home, I will be okay,” she said.

That flight, full of turbulence for the first 45 minutes, as her pilot worked to get above harvey’s fierce winds and rains.

“I've never been scared because of a storm, but I was a little scared this time because of the wind and the news and them saying what we needed to prepare for,” Hovell said.

“They’re running out of gas. I went to the gas station with my fiancé last night and I tried to get premium. They didn’t have it. I tried to get mid grade, they didn’t have it so I went to another and it was the same thing,” Rubye Coleman said.

Coleman was on that same flight.

The Chicago native is now stationed in San Antonio, came home to visit family and said hurricanes are not something she’s used to.

“Now I’m more concerned about returning since San Antonio area is going to be effected Monday, Tuesday,” Coleman said.

“It was coming down really hard rain. Sheets of rain from up in the air, in the airport too, it was just pounding on the roof of the airport,” Robert Sawyers, who was flying in from Houston, said.

Sawyers was returning from brazil and had a layover in Houston. He said he was glad to know he made to Chicago, on-time at that.

“I was thinking I was going to be stuck in Houston for days,” he said.

Many major airline are waiving those change fees as well as those fare differences for anyone effected by the hurricane.

Many airlines are offering these amended policies through Tuesday.