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From The Tower: Better play, bad injury in Bears third preseason game

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CHICAGO - The good and the bad often come hand-in-hand in the NFL.

Solid player can be eliminated immediately by a devastating injury to a key contributor. It's the nature of a physical game where any player is a bad hit away from losing their season.

That's what happened to the Bears on Sunday as a solid effort against the Titans was overshadowed by a likely season-ending injury to receiver Cameron Meredith.

It was the first and main thing that Jarrett Payton discussed with Josh Frydman "From The Tower" at WGN Radio on Sunday night's Sports Feed. To hear the anchors discuss the impact of the receiver's injuries, click on the video above.

At the same time, the Bears' quarterbacks continued to do their thing against the Titans.

Mike Glennon was at his best so far in the preseason while Mitchell Trubisky continues to play solid in the preseason.

Josh and Jarrett discuss that in the video above.

The MLB debuted their "Player's Weekend" jerseys across the country as a way to let their athletes express themselves to the fans.

In the end, the jerseys were lucky for the White Sox at home against the Tigers yet not so much for the Cubs in Philadelphia.

Jarrett and Josh discuss that in the video above.

When such dynamic personalities have about a month to get ready for a fight, there is probably a chance that it could never live up to the hype.

But the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight was one that almost lived up to the build-up as the fighters went ten competitive rounds. Eventually, Mayweather kept his undefeated streak in tact with a technical knock out.

Josh and Jarrett give their thoughts on the fight in the video above.