HAWL IN: We’ll see you when we see you, Mitch

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CHICAGO – So this is how it ends for now, with simple handoffs and a heart-stopping hit at the end of a meaningless game.

It should have been a little more dramatic in a positive way. Maybe a few more throws, couple of deep passes to get a rise out a normally calm crowd to see a fourth preseason game that matters only to those concerned about the final roster spots – AKA front office staff and coaches.

Instead there was a moment of fright when Trubisky was hit by Browns defenders at Soldier Field filling in for the injured Connor Shaw. It’s about the only thing that got a rise out of a rather boring performance – and that wasn’t exactly a good thing.

Alas, it’s over. The preseason ones to a close and “Mitch-A-Palooza” goes dark as Mike Glennon starts the season for the Bears September 10th against the Falcons.

So Mitch, we’ll see you when we see you.

Yet fans are already thirsting for more. They saw hope in the preseason from the No. 2 overall pick whom the Bears actually traded up to get.

A touchdown pass on his first drive in the two-drill in the preseason. Then came another scoring toss in the second with the third featuring a 49-yard bomb to Tanner Gentry for another TD.

It was a tease, that’s what it was. In all likelihood, it was the way it was supposed to go. Glennon’s missteps created some rumbles of a quarterback competition  that ended up not panning out quite yet.

So here fans sit with the most exciting part of the team carrying a clipboard to start things off. It’s a test not only of an already anxious fan base void of a playoff appearance by their team for seven years but the organization as well.

Can Ryan Pace and the Bears stay true to their word and make 2017 a needed development year for Trubisky? Time, Glennon’s performance and John Fox’s patience will all be tests.

History says Trubisky will see the field at some point in some capacity from now till December. The last Bears first round pick, Rex Grossman in 2003, waiting till December to start as the Bears started looking ahead after free agent QB Kordell Stewart’s time ran out.

He started three games and the Bears won two of them, which ended up being the  final days of head coach Dick Jauron.

One might envision a similar scenario happening this year. Could be after four games, maybe eight, or not till December like it was for Grossman.

So wish as you might, get as excited as you can, but for the moment there is no reason to stress. Let Mitch develop, let him learn, let him get a front row seat to a class in professional football.

Until then, Mitch, we’ll see you when we see you.

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