Bears OC Dowell Loggains: Trubisky isn’t a ‘Magic Wand’ for the offense

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LAKE FOREST – The anointing of a new savior for a franchise – it happens all the time in sports.

A player is taken high up in the draft at a position of need, does well in a few contests that don’t count, making fans lust for this player to take part in games that do.

The Bears are no exception to this phenomenon in 2017 when it comes to quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Combine his turnover-free preseson with Mike Glennon’s eight in the first four games in which three were losses, and the rookie quarterback has been anointed with the “Savior” moniker that at times can be a bit problematic. As he approaches his first career NFL start on Monday Night Football against the Vikings, many are hopeful this quarterback can finally be the solution for the often signal caller-challenged franchise.

OK, cool it with the hyperbole, says Dowell Loggains.

“The one thing I want to make sure we’re clear on is to get good quarterback play, the other ten guys on the field need to do their job,” said the Bears offensive coordinator on Thursday. “Mitch Trubisky is a very good, young player, but he’s not a ‘Magic Wand.'”

By no means is Loggains trying to be a “Debby Downer” for a fanbase that’s as excited for this debut as they have been for any other the past decade. Perhaps he’s trying to take some of the savior pressure off his young quarterback, who will have his hands full with a Minnesota defense that’s eighth in points allowed this season (19 per game).

At the same time, he’s spreading some of the responsibility off Trubisky’s shoulders as he prepares for a much ballyhooed debut.

“We need to play better around him. That starts with me and goes to every position group,” said Loggains. “We’ve got to eliminate drops, obviously we’ve got to eliminate the negative runs, the negative plays, it’s really hard to play quarterback when it’s 2nd-and-15 and it’s a known passing situation.”

Those are valid points, but the offense couldn’t get much going with Mike Glennon calling the shots in a rather conservative offense. A strong rushing game against the Steelers (222 yards) got the Bears an overtime win, but when it struggled on the road against the Buccaneers and Packers the team was stagnat.

Once Glennon started turning the ball over the games got out of hand, forcing John Fox to make the change to quarterback a bit earlier than he or general manager Ryan Pace had hoped. It’s for those reasons that fans have looked Trubisky with hope that he can salvage what looks like a seventh-straight season without a playoff appearance.

While he tried to temper the anticipation of the debut, Loggains was not without compliments for his talented rookie.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to get Mitch on the field. He’s worked really hard and he’s as close to ready as any rookie I’ve ever been around,” said Loggains. “We’re excited to see him play.”

So are those who’ll line up with him on Monday, the ones who have to help Trubisky become the “Magic Wand” for the offense that everyone wants. His mobility and ability to go down field add different elements to the offense that were absent with Glennon, forcing some players to change their approach but creating a healthy level of anticipation for the debut.

“Mitch brings in a little more ability, some things he can do outside of the pocket that will give us another dynamic,” said tight end Zach Miller. “I’m excited for him to get his opportunity and for the game to get here on Monday.”

Some wish they could wave a “Magic Wand” to get this much-anticipated debut here faster.

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