Stranger carries lost boy from chaos of Las Vegas attack, finds his family

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CHICAGO -- Ben Daish and his friends from Bartlett were just 50 yards from the right side of the stage at the Route 91 Harvest Music Fest when people all around him were getting shot.

"It felt like, 'this is it,'" Daish said. "I wished I could call my mom and dad and tell them I love them; I said, 'it's over,'" Daish said.

Daish was visiting Las Vegas from Berwyn. He said he felt "shock and horror" not knowing where the gunfire was coming from. It felt like the onslaught of gunfire would never end, he said.

"A lady maybe 10 feet in front of me was hit in the leg... there were people keeping her calm," Daish recalled. "Then on the other side of me about 20, 30 feet away someone was yelling, 'She's hit!"

Amid the chaos, five-year-old Aden Huser was separated from his mom after she left him with her sister while she went to the bathroom.

"I was scared because I lost her; it was just me and my aunt, I didn't know where to run," Aden said.

When the crowd started running, Aden and his aunt got separated too. Lindsey Rogers saw the little boy standing alone near a merchandise tent, and made the split-second decision to grab him.

"He was really brave - he didn't cry or anything, he was just confused," Rogers said.

Once inside a nearby Motel 6, Rogers posted Aden's picture to Facebook and Twitter, and after hundreds of shares within two hours,  Aden and his mother were reunited.

"All I remember is seeing my son come out of the garage door and I dropped to my knees, he ran as far as he could to me, I held on we interlocked and I held his head," Denise said.

A reunion ben daish is now looking forward to having with his family.

"I can't help but think of the people who were lost, their lives sacrificed, people that were hurt," Daish said. "At first you think, "why me why me," I feel blessed but so humbled by being allowed to live."

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