Senior sisters hoping a big birthday brings another big win for beloved Cubs

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CHICAGO-- On Thursday, Oct. 12, Yolanda Leahy, a long time Cubs, fan turns 100 years old.

When WGN introduced you to her and her little sister, 93-year old Louise, last fall, the Cubs had yet to win the World Series. Now Yolanda is hoping turning 100 and being around to see another year of post season play are all good signs that the Cubs can do it again this year.

The Chicago-area sisters married brothers and outlived both of their spouses. They talk to each other a lot - several times a day - and mostly about the Cubs.

2016 was a year the Leahy sisters waited a lifetime to see.  It was a year of baseball they will not soon forget.

“The cars were going by blowing their horns, we were howling. We had a beautiful time,” Louise said of the night the Cubs won the World Series.

Last weekend, the family held a party to honor Yolanda, the aging and ever-faithful Cubs fan. She hopes her century-old status could be lucky for the Cubs. Could it be possible? Two World Series wins in her lifetime? The Leahy sisters sure hope so.

“Everyone wants to know your secret. ‘How do you live 'til this age? How did you? Tell me your secret so I can know, too,’” she said with a laugh.

The sisters are hoping for a twofer this season; big birthdays and a big win for their Cubbies.

“I pray for them all the time. Every night I say, ‘Please let the Cubs win,’” Yolanda says.

In the fall of 2016, we also featured 97-year-old Warren Chapman of Hyde Park in our story. Last November, he got to see his beloved Cubbies win the World Series, too. His family tells WGN he died peacefully last month.

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