Rainbow PUSH Coalition arranges relief flight to Puerto Rico

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CHICAGO -- A Fed Ex plane full of relief supplies is heading to Puerto Rico on Saturday.

Chicago's Puerto Rican community has been gathering donations for weeks, but didn't have a way of getting them to the island.  The Rainbow PUSH coalition asked Fed Ex to step in and help.

"We have the network to help. We have the aircraft to fly all over the world.  So at a moments notice we can step up," said FedEx representative Michael Rennine.

The plan is to distribute the 158 thousand pounds of water, food, and other supplies across the Island, especially in areas that have been hard to get to.

Members of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition are also calling on Washington, to not forget the people of  Puerto Rico.  In the three weeks since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico much of the Island still doesn't have power or running water.  45 people have died.

"This darkness and devastation that we are witnessing on the island of Puerto Rico for American citizens to be suffering like this at this moment in the 21st century is unconscionable," said Reverend Janette Wilson of The Rainbow Push Coalition.

The Fed Ex flight will head to San Juan Saturday morning.  Reverend Jesse Jackson will greet the plane.  Jackson will work with churches in Puerto Rico to distribute the supplies.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition says it's the first of many relief supply flights that will head to Puerto Rico.

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