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Man not shot by armed intruder in St. Charles, police say

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ST. CHARLES, Ill. -- New developments in an investigation in St. Charles.

The police chief tells WGN a 28-year-old man was not shot by an armed intruder.

The St. Charles Police released the following statement:

"The St. Charles Police Department has reason to believe that the incident which occurred yesterday was not the result of an armed intruder. Detectives interviewed numerous witnesses and combed through various pieces of evidence and information left at the scene. These interviews, coupled with both the timeline of the events and the evidence evaluated by crime scene technicians lead us to believe that the manner in which this crime was reported did not occur."

Previously, there was a reported home invasion and a man was shot in the shoulder.

He is now hospitalized and being treated for his injuries.

The man was said to be house-sitting for a relative on Grandview Court.

Detectives are continuing their investigation, but say there is no threat to the public.