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2 robberies in Chinatown captured on surveillance video

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police release new surveillance video of two robberies in Chinatown.

In the video, a man and woman are seen walking down the street, right after they allegedly grabbed a 58 year-old woman's purse and caused her to fall. It happened along 23rd near Wentworth on Saturday night.

Another armed robbery occurred on the same block last Wednesday night. The victim is seen walking down the street, when four people run up from behind her. One of the suspects pulls a gun, while another grabs her purse.

The video also shows a car driving down the block, possibly used by the suspects.

Chicago police presence is now stepped up. Residents are comforted.

Thousands of community members are in the loop through the Chinese app "WeChat," where residents are also coordinating an undercover neighborhood force. Volunteers are often stationed everywhere and watching for anything suspicious.

The Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce is tracking it all, and working with police and the Chinatown Parking Corporation in beefing up the camera the network even more.