Hundreds deliver baskets of Thanksgiving favorites to those in need

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CHICAGO -- Between the live DJs and the crowds it may have sounded like a party at Cinespace Studios Sunday afternoon, but in reality hundreds of volunteers were gathered to prepare Thanksgiving baskets for those in need.

For nine years, the Chicago Basket Brigade has pulled together the resources to give gift baskets to Chicago residents just in time for the holidays, according to one of its founders, Rob Chopra.

"Our goal is to surprise 1,200 families that are going through rough times with a basket of food," Chopra said.

Chopra says 200 volunteer drivers have signed up to hand-deliver the baskets to families' front doors. Everything Thanksgiving is included inside -- from stuffing to beans, and mac and cheese to turkey -- with a special note asking the recipient to pay it forward.

"This is just a great opportunity to help the less fortunate," said volunteer Tiffany Daniels.

"You know, they’re going through a rough time, so it’s to uplift their spirits and show them there’s someone in the community who cares about them," Chopra said.

For many volunteers, it’s a glimpse of what’s good about the world, and a holiday tradition. Bella Adler started volunteering there when she was six, and came back year after year. She recently turned 15.

"I keep coming back because I love the doing this. It makes me feel good to help other people," Adler said.

Information on how to help with the food basket brigade is available on their website.