The CTA holiday train is back!

CHICAGO — It’s that time of year once again, Chicago! The CTA’s holiday train and bus are returning to the city’s streets.

Rides begin Friday, Nov. 24 and run through Friday, Dec. 22.

Heres the preliminary schedule released on the CTA’s website — an asterisk (*) indicates a photo opp with Santa Claus!

Holiday Train

Green Line and Orange Line: Friday, Nov. 24

Green Line: Saturday, Nov. 25*

Green Line and Orange Line: Tuesday, Nov. 28

Orange Line and Brown Line: Wednesday, Nov. 29

Orange Line and Brown Line: Thursday, Nov. 30

Orange Line and Brown Line: Friday, Dec. 1

Orange Line and Brown Line: Saturday, Dec. 2*

Pink Line: Tuesday, Dec. 5

Pink Line: Wednesday, Dec. 6

Blue Line: Thursday, Dec. 7

Blue Line: Friday, Dec. 8

Blue Line: Saturday, Dec. 9* (photo-only stop on Pink Line)

Red Line: Tuesday, Dec. 12

Purple Line: Wednesday, Dec. 13

Red Line: Thursday, Dec. 14

Purple Line: Friday, Dec. 15

Red Line and Purple Line: Saturday, Dec. 16*

Purple Line: Thursday, Dec. 21

Yellow Line: Friday, Dec. 22

*photo opp with Santa Claus, and Jewel Osco Elves’ Workshop Train will follow.

Holiday Bus

#56 Milwaukee: Tuesday, Nov. 28, Wednesday, Nov. 29*

#92 Foster, #91 Austin: Thursday, Nov. 30

#22 Clark: Friday, Dec. 1*

#22 Clark/#97 Skokie: Saturday, Dec. 2*

#66 Chicago: Tuesday Dec. 5*, Wednesday, Dec. 6

#126 Jackson: Thursday, Dec. 7*

#12 Roosevelt: Friday, Dec. 8*, Saturday, Dec. 9

#29 State: Wednesday, Dec. 13*, Thursday, Dec. 14

#28 Stony Island: Friday, Dec. 15*

#62 Archer: Saturday, Dec. 16*, Sunday, Dec. 17

#X49 Western Express: Wednesday, Dec. 20*

#79 79th: Thursday, Dec. 21*

#3 King Drive: Friday, Dec. 22, Saturday, Dec. 23*