Local Muslims disheartened by mass shooting at Egypt mosque

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CHICAGO -- At the Downtown Islamic Center, on the holiest day of the week, news of the mass shooting at a mosque in northern Egypt was on everyone's minds.

The attack, believed to be carried out by radical Islamic militant, targeted a mosque attended by Sufis -- a faction of Islam.

"When you hear about it back home, in a city that's really holy and the holiest of places, the mosque and your own people are against us and coming at us it's extremely disheartening to hear," said Noor Siddiqui.

"To kill people in the place of worship is deplorable. It's not justified, can never be justified or tolerated by Muslims or non-Muslims. We have to keep this in mind," said Syed Khan, Vice-Chair of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.

In the past year, militants in Egypt have carried out deadly bombings on churches in Cairo, killing dozens of Christians. This was the first major attack on a Muslim mosque.

"I want the Muslim community to band together to unite to denounce and to do whatever they can to help Muslims in Egypt and make sure this doesn't happen anywhere in the world," said Salman Azam.

So far, 235 people are confirmed dead in the mosque attack.

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