#FeedonThis: A Social Fodder video gets Jarrett in the football mood

CHICAGO - When you see someone who is 98 years old get into a football stance, it makes you think 'Why Can't I?'"

Jarrett Payton got that same vibe during Social Fodder on Monday's Sports Feed, when he saw the video of a 98-year old Navy veteran doing just that when honored at the Raiders-Broncos game in Oakland Sunday.

That was the most entertaining part of Monday's show on CLTV and you can watch that segment along with the discussion with Josh Frydman in #FeedonThis in the video above .

Man Crush Monday returned to the show as usual and typical of the fall the choices were from the National Football League.

Josh decided to go with a coach while Jarrett was fired up about a quarterback in Los Angeles.

Watch their selections in the video above.