Rodent inspection at CPS school leads to angry standoff; School fails inspection

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CHICAGO -- A rat-infested school on Chicago’s South Side failed another inspection today.

Tempers continue to flare at   Mollison Elementary in Bronzeville

Now the question is will the doors be open tomorrow?

CPS says it  will try to finish the cleaning tonight.

In the meantime, parents aren’t satisfied and say they won’t let their kids return until they see the school for themselves.

Teachers have been documenting the problem with pictures posted online.

Council members say they were scheduled to accompany health inspectors at the school this morning to see if the school had been properly cleaned after reports of rodents.  The rodents were seen in photos that were posted online.

But security would only allow one member of the council inside the building.

As students were arriving, the standoff became a skirmish with pushing and shoving between security guards and parents.

One local school council member was caught on the floor between the doorway and pinned between a security guard’s legs.

The police were called and an ambulance took council member Cathy Dale to the hospital.

The dramatic scene led parents to pull their kids out of school.

But parents complained that children were asked to help teachers clean classrooms.

CPS says the school has been warned not to do that again.

The union blames the conditions on the privatizing of the janitorial staff.


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